1996 ac compressor

1996 twin turbo JDM RHD (australia)

AC compressor is leaking.

There seems to be some for sale in the USA. A third party brand called 4 seasons. Some also advertise Mitsubishi oem, though I’m not sure if they are genuine oem. I presume the USA delivered models have the same compressor as the Japanese delivered models

A few posts here say “auto zone” also has them. I’m not familiar with that store

Anyone recommend a place to buy these?. Would also like to get drier and o rings all at the same time. Local mechanic is quite good and he will install, but these items don’t seem to be available in australia.

So basically if you’ve bought these recently any advice would be appreciated

Thanks for your help

(Second post, I accidentally put the first in the wrong section)

The ones we get here in u.s. are remanufactured oem.

Thanks. Reman is definitely available, but

This says new


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Do you have the link to that?

I think I found it. I can’t tell if it’s new or a reman

Edit, I think it’s new, they have a separate ad specifying reman

Some show the plenum circled some don’t

Is it something I should be concerned about? Do I need that new?

That shouldn’t need to be replaced.

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My car is 1997 not 1996

Compressor is msc105cvs - seems the same for all post 1993 3000gt

Model is akc201a402a

This doesn’t seem the same. The above rock auto doesn’t list an ac compressor for the 1997, but it does for the 1996

That is the same Mit compressor I pulled out of my 1994 GT and replaced with the Four Season compressor 68485. It works but I did have to switch out the electrical connector, took it from the original compressor.


I was guessing it might be something like that