1995 wheel hub ABS help going crazy with it

Hello all my name is: Spencer
I have a: 1995 3000GT SL FWD with ABS
It has the following issue: Trying to change out wheel studs sLLLLs because I’ve snapped 3 out of 5 so I went ahead and pulled the hub assembly assembly but behind the rotor there is a gear ring around the back of the hub that is I guess for the ABS system is there any way to get that ring removed so I can knock out the old Lugs and put in new ones one at a time?? I have tried looking up new hubs for 4 the 95 mitsubishi 3000GT SL and none of the you have this abs ring around them what is up with that also

This thread might guide you in the right direction:


That link doesn’t work. So I have the knuckle and hub off the car. Should I trust a 2nd hand shop to press it or do I spend more and have a Mitsubishi dealer work on it??? Cuz right now it’s at a small shop kinda worries me if they are going to do it right.