1993 TT Timing Belt Snapped

As above. Timing belt snapped at around 40 mph in second. I totally rebuilt the engine 4 years ago after a valve broke up and damaged the head and piston. At the time a garage removed the engine for me and delivered it to me for the rebuild whilst they stored the car. Not in a position to do this this time as the garage has since gone nor financially

So reluctantly I am left with the question of what to do with the car. I do not have anywhere to strip or part the car. What would it’s value be in it’s current complete state. Interior is good. Usuall wear on drivers seat squab but wear only not torn. Bodywork is reasonable but would benefit from a respray on the two rear wings and bootlid. A small local garage I mentioned the problem too indicated that he might be interested in buying the car and come back to him with a price. So that being the case any thoughts on what would be reasonable. Reluctantly it’s got to go after 20 years.

This would be impossible to answer without seeing the car because everyone has a different idea of what good condition is. I have managed to pick these up for as little as £250 but paid as much as £1000 without a engine. Other people may be willing to pay more or less. Why not post some pictures of the key parts so we can get a better idea. Under body where it usually rusts, weather strips, engine bay and interior would help get a value.