1992 onwards Torque converter

Still needing torque converter with good ring gear, MD751527 and as Rob Evil said Megazips price of $3000 is bit ridiculous plus like most of the catalogue NLA when you have ordered and paid lol

Its all I need to get redone back on the road for the New Year

Still a bit pricey :grinning: here amayama

Yes thanks ,forgot about them. Stealth ones $168 in states . But 3SX not sure it will fit my GTO and with carriage and import I will wait a bit longer for a scrapper.

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The part number you list is shown to fit 94-99 3000GT’s and 93-96 Diamantes. It should also fit 94-96 Stealth since it is the same as the 3000GT.

Thanks Brian mines a GTO 4wd 4ws auto 92 to 93 Z16A only done for 6 months by look of it. It was Rob from Evil Empire in UK that says the torque converters same from then onwards.
If you see a part out one over there let me know, happy to send dollars to you to forward it on “as gift” to offset customs tax.