1991mitsubishi gto performance

Hi everyone, i just want to know if the car has full power or not i cannot say by myself but to try the car to the max in my island is a bit difficult because of traffic. Sometimes i feel its under powered maybe i thinking bad with all the problems this car brings. I also tried my phone with a gps app for speedometer to check with the cars speedo if its working well. Still my max speed is around 85miles. And for a 3.0 v6 twin turbo stock i dont know whats the best i can go. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Happy Christmas to all.

Something not right. You should be able to get 150 at least even in stock form.

150miles? Remember i live in Malta with 150miles ill be swimming in the sea after 45min drive lol

But really in how many seconds should i touch 150?

Hi im maltese living in the uk in malta you’ll never reach 150mph on the road only on a motorbike you’ll get there believe I know,you have to try a run what you bring at halfar raceway bone stock you’ll probably do 100 mph if all is well.
I use to live in Rabat then moved in uk in 2004 when malta joined the EU
Anything I can help with lmk mine is running 430 bhp on 1 bar of boost for now…

Is Your car still restricted. do You have a speed converter / delimeter ?

Hi Jerry, its nice to hear another maltese fan of gto. My other car is a 2016 Suzuki Vitara with a 1.6 td and i did 140km in rabat bypass going to hattard. so it gives more concerns on my gto is underpowered. It passed my mind to go and try it in halfar but first i need to change bearings of the transfer case it has some loose and feel it when take off the clutch. Im afraid to try hard and put it to the max revs something bad will happen. I didn’t get it as a bargain since i bought for €20k. And for the speed limiter i dont think know about it. Mine is a jap version which has been in uk since last year than i bought it.

How can you know spiros if it is restricted?

Maybe try and give her a dyno run somewhere not sure who does 4wd rolling Road now as its been a while since I’ve been there zoqdi or kalanc might be able to help so you can determine if its down on power,a good service with correct plugs etc is always a good start with goid oil. is yours 5 speed? If so 3rd gear is your best gear as its high should see you 80+mph that’s how mine was on stock.
Check for things like vacuum leaks etc
New fuel filter if not been done get them injectors cleaned and flow tested etc
Are you handy on her with spanners?
20k euro its high price indeed thats like 18k British pounds

If you go to zoqdi racing speak to marty or Gary very good friends of mine they’ll be able to help you a bit.
I use to drag race motorcycles back in the 90s so I know most of them tuning garages lol.
Bone stock gto the power comes and goes very quickly due to the tiny turbos

To check if is still restricted or not normal its been fitted with a module either on top of the gearbox where the speed sensor is or behind the dash or near the ecu itself also sometimes they cut the yellow wire from the ecu which from memory is pin 66 that will take off the limiter

Also forgot to mention there is a red one also in malta il laqam tijaw il qajru don’t know if you know him I dont know him personally but we are friends on Facebook maybe have a chat with him.

Thanks for the help, i used to go to halfar back in days but i didn’t spend money on cars coz i hadnt any. Lol i know where zoqdi and kalanc are the other guy i didnt hear of him. As of service i changed everything spark plugs, fuel filter, water pump, belts new oil, gear oil etc everything fresh new start.

Do You know for sure that it reads miles and not kilometers ?
As Jerry said … Here is what to look for



Yes its reading in miles for sure coz my dials show only miles, i have gone for a drive today break a record of 141km lol

So the 141 is that in kph or mph?

And that was 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,redlined all the way?
For a test purpose only you could fit an aftermarket boost guage just dangling on the dash or on the seat to see what boost is doing as factory guage is pretty rubbish

Its in km/h i used an app on my phone using gps to check if my speedometer works fine. At that speed i felt the steering trembling when i pressed the brakes i hope its not disks brakes.

On 2nd i can see 100km and on 3rd i saw 141km i think

On 2nd at 6k rev 100km

I think that sounds about right to be honest as said in earlier post stock turbos are small and come and go very quick .
Have you got a datalogger? As malta is very hot and our engines run quite hot already to keep an eye on knocking