1991 3000gt vr4 East Coast USA

I bought the car 4 years ago from original owner. The car had been sitting for 12 years so I knew I had alot of work ahead of me. Started with the mechanics and am now finishing up the interior. Getting ready for new paint.


Firstly welcome! Secondly looking good!
I had never seen red seats for these before, are they factory?

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Some rare models did come with a red interior including carpets


Wow! Red seats! That’s unusual!

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Here is the original dealer window sticker I have for the car also. It definitely came factory with red as stated in the sticker.

It was all original when I got it . I didn’t know red interior was rare on these cars.

Indeed they are. I have a load of files with production numbers and codes for them all and I believe if I remember correctly there is only 100 on the list with red interior but there may be more

Good lord!!! $32,000 back then is like $60,000 today!!! And I got mine for $6,000 last month in beautiful condition with only 71,000 miles :joy:. Got to love depreciation.