1991-1992 TT oil pump

Hi all,

Would anyone have a link to buy a 1991-1992 Twin Turbo oil pump ? Not fussy regarding where it was manufactured or of its original Mitsubishi.


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Mitsubishi OEM Oil Pump 6G72 DOHC TT 91-92 (MD175583) - Ninja Performance - Affordable Performance I have positive experience with ninja performance. Just beware, their dispatch times are quite long due to problems with Chris’ health.

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Hi Adam , thanks for the reply. How long was there between ordering and receiving the pump ? Did you get yours since we last chatted ? Honestly I’m ok with a few weeks wait 2-3. But when you are talking 3 - 6 months which is the case with some I’d rather reuse what I have or figure out an alternative.

I’d like to say now that Joe helped me out with some parts and there was no messing or giving the run around. He is straight to deal with, great communication and had the parts in the post and delivered to me in a matter of a couple of days.

I totally understand the issues about parts and availability but I feel like some lads are making promises they can’t keep and misrepresenting what they have in stock

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Sorry for the late reply, I was at the beach with this sunny weather!

About 6 weeks after I ordered the parts (oil pump for 4 bolt engine, head bolts, T Case input spool and gearbox output shaft) and no sign of it being dispatched, I contacted Vicki asking about it and a few days later they were dispatched with USPS. They arrived about a week later, well packaged so there wasn’t any damage.

They seems to be honest about what stock they have, and their pricing was very competitive compared to Evil Empire. What I got from our conversation was that they will dispatch the parts faster if you really need them, like if it’s your daily driver. But if it is a project, then be prepared to wait 4-6 weeks. In my opinion, the savings over getting the parts elsewhere were worth the wait, but that may just be down to my circumstances, where I am just tipping away at the project during the weekends.

I agree, Joe has been a huge help with parts for my project, I doubt it would have been feasible without him.

Also, can you recommend a place that you would trust to press bearings? I need bearings and gears pressed off my old input spool and onto my new one. There are a couple places around me in Cork, but they seem to specialise in more heavy duty farm machinery stuff, and I’d be worried that they would damage it.

i also need one for a NA… EARLY model '91

Maybe this? Mitsubishi OEM Oil Pump 6G72 DOHC NA 91-92 (MD150013) - Ninja Performance - Affordable Performance I’m not 100% sure, so maybe ask someone with more experience before ordering.

Hey Adam, thanks for the link, I went ahead and ordered the pump from Ninja, not cheap but doesn’t look like there is any other option ! sorry I’m no help re. a machine shop to press the bearing, I’ll ask around and get back to you if I hear anything

I’ve ordered through Melling and been waiting for quite a few weeks now. Also ordered some other parts off Ninja and still waiting after several weeks. I think it’s just given that you have to wait for parts from the US. Parts from Japan are much quicker if in stock.