Window alignment pt2

I have just uploaded pt2 of window alignment. Since watching the video back, I have noticed that some finer details were not covered. I will be doing a follow up video in the future which will cover the finer details but I hope this video will solve 99% of window problems for now.


I watched it closely, although I do not have this issue I enjoy learning from the videos. I hope most understand the preparation you must do to undertake such a complex project. Great job!

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Hi Joe. Since I added a new weather strips in windows The passenger window has no smooth up or down. It see as it is obstructed will this become worse. ?

A number of people are mentioning this problem after fitting new weather strips. I do not have an answer yet because I do not have a new set of strips to try for myself. Some people have been putting lube on the strip to help but I don’t think that this is the proper solution. I will let you know if there is an update. Maybe you could ask on the forum.

Somehow I think it might be the felt piece. The old ones looked as if if was pushed up until it was destroyed. I just hope the window doesn’t get scratched. I might have to re watch your video on the window mechanism if it goes bad. Meanwhile I’m trying not to use the window but that’s not a real solution. I do know Joe your videos have made me and others not confident to tackle problems.

I’ve replaced the strips ( new ) twice now in my car and didn’t have that problem, without being cheeky does the strip clip in place properly ?

I have had no problems after replacing the strips either.

I have had difficulty with the passenger strip fitting correctly. I’ve finally gotten it to grip the lip of the car and it is flush. I’ll keep investigating what I might do to correct problems