Which one should I fit?

I personally prefer the top one but with the middle section in red. If you want to experiment with the colour, you can buy vinyl wrap in a near perfect colour match from the hardware store for just a couple of pounds. In the UK it is available in wilco and in the States I believe Home Depot have it.

Thanks Joe , red one it is ,

Could do with seeing the top one in red. I quite like the OEM look though.

I like the buttom one…

The top one in red colour might do it, tho the OEM one fells more in harmony with that spoiler style.

Here’s the red colour

Here’s another option

I’m definitely a fan of the OEM GTO one :+1:t3:.

Here in Spain almost all are Mitsubishi logo version, it is rare to see GTO emblem (and right driven). I like GTO, the original car name, maybe I will change the one I have with GTO in the future.

Ye that’s the one for me :+1: