Wheel Stud Replacement

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My name is Mario Wright. I am from the Bahamas and I am the owner of a 97 Mitsubishi GTO MR. I am actually the only person that has a vehicle of this kind in my country, talk about standing out. I would like to request a video of the removal and replacement of the wheel studs that are located on the wheel hub. Thank you so much for you time and assistance and I am truly grateful for mall of the videos you have posted thus far, they are a blessing for the 3S community. Keep up the great work!!!

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Mario Wright

Hello Mario
Welcome to the forum. You may have company soon. I know of one other owner who is shipping his car over soon.
Wheel studs are not a problem although it is usually easier with a hydraulic press. My videos are supposed to be for the man at home but I am sure that I can find a way of doing it at home. I will cover it as soon as possible. Thanks for the request.

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Hey Joe,

Thanks for the reply. It’s really great to know I will be having company soon, I will just have to find out which island they will be bringing the car on. I am located in New Providence where the capital city Nassau is located.

As for the video, I totally understand what your saying. If your able to do a video, Th at would be great because I know a lot of 3S owners have to take the extended studs route due to wheel spacers for specific rims/wheels upgrades. They run into the problem of the wheels not clearing the brake calipers, especially in the 2G and 3G 1994-1999) models.

Thanks again for all the videos so far.

Kind Regards

Mario :bahamas: