What brake pads

so it’s about time to replace the brake pads on my stock rotors and i was wondering what you guys would recommend for a stock 1992 vr4

My brakes make a creaking noise when I step on the brake pedal even if the car is parked and not moving. Maybe I need new brakes too

this is just a guess… i’m not totally sure on this as i have no experience with this issue, but maybe you have some buildup on the pistons in your caliper and when they are pushed out that creates that sound… again that is a complete guess but might be worth looking at when you do go to replace your brakes🤷🏼‍♂️

I have not had a brake job for some time on one of my 1992 3000GT VR4. Then from my old receipts: I had the Front Brake Disc replaced with OEM MR235666; brake pads ACT531; and, Calipers w/o pads replaced with FRC1023 1&2. Maybe this information will help.

I have a 1993 VR4 I’ve been fixing up and have rarely driven that is mostly stock. I purchased a set of EBC Redstuff brake pads that I installed with new slotted rotors, but you can use them with the stock rotors as well. They have been great with the car when I’ve been able to drive it. I bought them so long ago, I can’t remember where I got them from. But I know summit racing sells full pad/rotor kits or front/rear pad kits. I’ve had no squealing and they stop really nicely, especially when braking aggressively. If you’re not replacing the stock rotors you might want to get them resurfaced, unless they are in really good condition. Good luck!

I got EBC yellow stuff pads and EBC turbo disc grooved and dimpled discs. Very good stopping power. My stock discs and pads were very juddery.