Water temperature sensor replacement

Hi Joe,

First of all thanks for all the videos, they’re really well done and have been really helpful!

Could you please consider doing a video on replacing the water temperature sensor(s) with airbox/MAF removal etc?

Finally, is there any way I can make a contribution to you for all your great work?

All the best!


Hello Castroneves
Please could you give your name, country and state/province if you would like to request a video so that I can mention who requested it.
I am already working on videos which will cover location and replacement of all of the sensors. There is rather a lot of them and a number of people have already requested similar videos so I will try to start making them soon. Most of the videos are delayed at the moment due to the virus but please keep watching and I will get round to them soon.


Thanks Joe, I’ve updated my profile :slight_smile:

As I say, very happy to make a contribution to you for your great work if you have a patreon or anything like that?

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I agree with castroneves on the contribution

Thank you for the offer but I am not accepting money for anything. The videos are a gift.
I will be doing a more intensive and detailed video series soon which will only be available to patrons. It will also have other free bees and benefits. You may want to consider being a patreon then.