Vacuum lines a nightmare!

If Joe can make a video on the vacuum line routing for the all models TT in particular that would be much appreciated. Its a night mare trying to figure out what goes where.

Im pretty sure that will be a long stretch as he is super busy, but I agree that those vacuum lines are a nightmare :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The manuals that I have really do not do any justice and hard to understand for first timers and not many videos on YT. Generally most GTO owners do a complete vacuum delete making things simply for their application however a pain for those who want to keep everything in stock condition. Worst case scenario is to hook up the wrong lines in the wrong places and then the engine runs weird and then all the headaches begin. I should have taken a bunch of pictures, videos and marked everything before I decided to do a complete engine rebuild, got most of it back together even the electrical wiring but having issues with the vacuum lines.

Yeah if you go messing with those vacuum lines, then you have to follow each one methodically as there are so many and inserting them into wrong pipes will cause all kinds of headache