Transmission: Replace Output Shaft

Can you please make a video Transmission: Replace Output Shaft and Transfer Case input spool ???

Not to steal any of Joe’s thunder but Rvenge Performance has videos on these. The output shaft isn’t all that difficult. You just have to take the bellhousing and mid case off to get to the VCU.

As for the output shaft spool you need a 40 ton press to do it, so unless you have access to one you’re going to have to farm it out anyway.

My main concern is pulling the output shaft out without damaging anything… how exactly to remove the bell housing and center housing to access the VCU.

The 50 ton pressing is not the problem :slight_smile:

The question would be are you TT or NA? If you are TT then its one process, but NA is another. TT’s are Getrag transmissions, while NA are Mitsubishi.

I just pulled my 5 speed Getrag apart using the 3s wiki. It’s honestly straight forward as can be.

I have a 5-speed TT with 25 spline, have seen the 3s wiki but seen in various forums that it is not that easy after all, so a nice video would make a lot of explanations unnecessary

It really is that easy. I tore my Getrag apart on a cart in a shed with hand tools. People saying its not that easy must have no experience whatsoever. I had never tore a Getrag down in my life, and used the 3swiki. The only issue I ran into was getting the detent balls out for some reason. Two of them refused to come out. That alone took longer than the entire teardown.