Transfer Case Seals/Bearings and Engine Mounts

Hi Joe, I commented on one of your Youtube videos, but since I have joined the forum now thought I’d also post here for convenience!

Absolutely loving your channel and content, thank you so much for making the videos, they are very much appreciated.

If I could put in a request, I got my 1995 TT GTO back on the road recently after 3 years sitting idle - it had a lot of work done to get it back on the road (refurbished front and rear steering racks, refurbished rear subframe, polybushes, Tein Flex Z coilovers, new stainless downpipes and the list goes on…).

It had now developed a fairly epic leak from the transfer case, which I hear is a fairly common occurrence. A guide on removal, refurb (seals and bearings) and refitting the transfer case would be really appreciated. I’m also going to be tackling engine mounts as they are shot - again, being armed with one of your guides would make the fight feel a lot more winnable!

The work you are doing is literally keeping some of these amazing beasts on the road by allowing repairs to be carried out on a DIY basis that would otherwise be too expensive to do, and we all you you a debt of gratitude! Top man!


Hi Dan
Those two videos are added to the list but due to the winter months, it will not be until the spring that I get to do them. These are DIY jobs with a couple of extra tools but they are quite big jobs. The huge money savings by doing it yourself will easily cover the tools and hard work. Thanks for joining the forum and for the feedback.

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That’s great, will look forward to them! I treated myself to a nice socket set for Christmas, with some extensions and wobble bars, which should make getting the rear engine mount out a bit easier. That job has dropped down the priorities list since the transfer case decided to widdle, I’m going to have to get after that first, along with some respray and laquer repair jobs. Plenty to keep me occupied till the spring!