Three tutorials that could be interesting

Hi Joe,

I would be very happy with tutorials of these works:

Repair of the pelled black glossy coating of the sail panels

Gearbox removal / assembly and synchro change

1mm to 3mm valve lifters upgrade

Sorry for asking too much but :sweat_smile:

Joe, what present do you want for christmas? :smiley:


Joes gonna be very busy according to your requests, lol.

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Hi Oscar
I start filming engine videos in a couple of weeks and lifter replacement is on the list.
There are a number of different types of sail panel. I had not intended on covering respraying because this is not a job that should be done at home for safety reasons but I will be giving a few tips on how a car should not be done. If you let me know which type of panel finish you have, I will tell you what type of spray technique is used.
I have had a lot of requests about the gearbox but I am still unsure how to make a DIY video about a job that requires specialist tools and equipment. Some parts are no longer available and others are very expensive. I will cover what ever I can be sure is achievable by the man at home.


Thank you for adding lifter replacement to the list :slight_smile:

My panel is glossy black finish with Twin Turbo letters under the transparent plastic (1993 car). Is not ‘mate’ style, is similar to glass effect finish. Problem is, glossy/glass coating is too much pelled. If you could tell me the spray to restore the coating I will be very grateful to you.

About the gearbox job, I understand it is too difficult to do at home.

Again, thank you for your videos and dedication


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I know this one. I have a couple to do myself on the red car that I will be using in some videos soon. I will show in a video, what to do.


I agree Joe getting the black shine on the sail panel would be great. I saw a post from someone who used the same method used when clearing the yellow plastic on headlights

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