Tensioner pulley

Are any of you suffering with squeaky pulleys? These are easy to replace and not always expensive. There are 2 main pulleys that give this problem. They are the aux belt tensioner pulley and the aux deflection pulley.
I have just managed to get a good deal on the tensioner pulley and aux belt.
Now, I am well aware that the tensioner pulley can now be bought quite cheaply but the problem with the cheap one is that they do not have the black rust proof coating that the original Mitsubishi pulley had. This means that rust slowly builds up over time and causes belt damage and slip. It also means that the rust seeps into the pulley bearing and causes that annoying squeal.
The pulleys with the rust proof coating costs twice the price which is why this is such a good deal. I have the proper pulleys for about the same price as the cheap pulleys just for members of the forum.

These pulleys are just £20 each including UK mainland post
If you really want to splash out. I will include a Gates aux belt for an additional £8.
That’s just £28 for the pair inc UK postage.

These parts are for the DOHC engines with air con fitted.
As usual. Just contact me by private message, text or whatsapp if you are interested.
Only 1 left