Standard Decal/Stickers Mitsubishi GTO VR4 TT 91

Hi everyone

I was wondering what OEM badges, decals, stickers are on the outside of a 91 GTO VR4 TT?

There is someone on a Facebook group offering some and I want to know the correct ones.

I have seen this on a few for example.



Go HERE type in your chassis number in the search box. Under “exterior” then “ornament, mark and emblem” The above link will tell you what your actual vehicle had when it was built. part numbers etc Have fun. It also shows a diagram for type and position of each badge/decal

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Thank you very much! That is a great help. It doesnt have the side sticker from my picture above but I do like it.

Also it has both options from MR and SR. Does yours show that? I think MR is Mitsubishi racing which had some weight reduction.

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Yep it’s a great resource for part numbers for our vehicles. No more guessing if a particular part fits etc. Mine is only the SR base model. I don’t love it any less though :grinning: I also use to compare prices and availability for specific part numbers.

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