Speedo not working, plus odo reading but under

Hello all,
I have a: (3000GT TT UK car)
It has the following issue:

The speedo needle doesn’t really move, sometimes it flickers.

The odometer (trip) works, but I did a run early and I cculatrd it should have been about a mile but it recorded 0.6miles. So its working just under a bit.

Do both run from the sake source on the car? I.e if the speedo doesn’t work will the odo not work either?

I habe read about the speedo gear, if this wasn’t operating correctly would this impact the odo?

You first need to determine whether you have a mechanical cable fed speedo or a pulse generated speedo. Most cars are pulse which is generated buy a sensor mounted on the gearbox. This is driven by a gear which is inside the gearbox and can wear. This means that the gear will slip and fail to turn the pulse generator. Fewer or no pulse count will make the speedo erratic or show nothing. It is also common for the pulse generator to have dirty contacts which prevent clean pulses going to the speedo. Finally, the speedo itself is starting to become a problem but this can be repaired.


Thats great thanks. Its a 6 speed twin so I presume pulse on these. Can this gear be bought separately i dud some reading with people pulling the sensor out and replacing it.

But would that affect the odometer as well?

The gear can be bought separately. It is quite easy to change but can sometimes be a bit stiff.

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Thats amazing any clues where I might find one? I suspect I’m going to have to play whack a part until I solve it.

Lastly I guess it could also be the speedo unit itself? I hear there’s a guy out there who can sort the caps out etc.

I’m.new to the community only got the car this week so just trying to sort what I can.

Mitsubishi should be your first point of call but please don’t start throwing money at random parts. Fault finding should be easy. Which country are you in ?
Yes, it could be the speedo but it is easier to start at the other end.

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Hi I’m in the uk up north, I guess the cost to pull the sensor and then determine its the spline thing, pull it back together and then pull it again

After a quick spin first real drive last night it seems my police have trucam2 so I can’t drive without fixing it ,ASAP.

I think its this p/n from googling


I had similar issues with my speedo no long ago, some times it was working or the needle was going up and down or all the way to the end of the dial like crazy and the odometer was going too fast adding lots of miles. Joe is right about the possible causes , in my case it was the sensor top not the gear !

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Thats really interesting thanks, did you have you replace the full unit or was fiddling with the connectors enough to sort it?

Replaced what You see in the picture and it’s working as it should !

Hi there where is this on the car and is it easy to get to as mine flickers on and off I have 1991 mk1

Can u tell me where I can find this on the car and how I get to it

Hello Joe made a YT video on this for you.

Battery and tray out

Hi. Joe. There is any chance to replace Speedo sensor without take of gear box?

Hi yes you can you need to remove a few hoses above it and maybe get under the car but the whole unit can be removed.

Mine has been fixed now, I had the the speedo gear ring (new from mitsi) and also the unit was swapped for a known working one and my speedo works perfectly now.

Mine was done by David Healey in Stoke on trent, good chap knows his was around these cars.

Stoke on Trent it’s too far from me but I try to do by myself. Thank you so much for answer.

No problem, I was advised to remove my clocks and have that fixed but I suspected the issue was at the gearbox end and that’s how it turned out to be.

Is this from above? I’d like to get mine but without having to get underneath

Hi Joe. I’ve learned a lot with my 94 base model but the Speedo gear more than likely is the mechanical one I am assuming. The more I learn with this base model I feel will help me when I finally get a turbo model. The only thing on my car so far that needs attention is this and the srs light.