Slow Front Windscreen Wipers

Hello all my name is: Mario
I have a 97 GTO MR It has the following issue, The car was sitting for about a year. I cleaned it up and took it for a drive and it began to rain so I turn on the wipers only to be greeted with slow moving wipers. Do I need a new motor? Or the mechanism is seized and needs to be serviced. Would appreciate any advise before tearing it apart. Thanks in advance.


How slow are they moving?

I took my wiper arms off to paint and when I put them back on they were moving pretty slow cause I haven’t tightened down the nut hard enough.

If they are tightened down properly and are still crazy slow I’d check my connections first, but if you did end up taking apart the mechanism I do not believe they would be very difficult to repair.

I took apart my rear wiper motor and its just plastic gears and a whole lotta grease in there, nothing really special going on inside.

They are moving very slow then the stop. I tightened the arms as mention and they were still acting the same.

I then separated the motor from the arms to see the speed of the motor and it seemed ok. I took a video of it to get other points of view references.

Upon seeing that I disconnected the linkage and took it out completely and noticed that they were very difficult to move by hand. They were almost completely seized. I am spraying some penetrating liquid on the section where the arms connect hoping it frees them up. If not I will have to get a good condition second hand one because they are discontinued parts.

I can send the video of the motor for working status verification.

There is one more thing to remember with these older vehicles.
If you compare them to how new vehicle wiper blades work, they seem slow but that was normal 30 years ago.

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