Hello all my name is:Chris
I have a: 1991 GTO 3000 VR4 twin turbo

I have copy of service books for GTO 3000 on pdf if any one wants a copy .

drop me your email address and i will send them

Hi, I would love one of those service books! My email is [REDACTED] .

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here is link to my one drive with files 2 parts , hope this works

if not try here

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Hi Chris
All of this info is great. We have a section on here for tech info. Anything that you can post is a help. I am not sure but I think someone else already sent it to me and I forgot to thank them but I uploaded it all the same. If you have anything different, that would be great.

That all i have found then on 3SX web page , they have some cool stuff for these cars

I’ll suggest a HOW TO section in the forum based on how members have successfully tackled various jobs !

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3sx have been around for a long while and have a lot of useful stuff. Credit to them.

Hi will this work for 3000 gto 1991

Also I need to find out about my rev counter not working and also my Speedo works sometime and not the other
I have been told about the ptu unit for rev counter
I’m asking u as u seem like the man who knows

Thanks in advance

Can i have a book pls!ArP-pFXjWf3R7gcBgBli-9qrXcNd?e=pSErde

here is link to my one drive