Seat belt not retracting

My Front passenger seat belts inconsistently retract, or they don’t. Is there a way to fix it permanently. I have had 3 other VR4s before that had the same problem.

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When I was installing my rear view camera, removing the interior trim was a requirement. In that process, as I was removing the seatbelt it got stuck too and I couldn’t de install it. i watched a generic video on seatbelts and I learned there is a button that releases the clamp. It is entirely encased but the cover is clear so you can see it. Get a needle and gently poke through the case so that you can press that lever button and release its clamp. My seatbelt works fine again after I did that. DONT DISASSEMBLE IT!!! If you do, 1) it’s no good anymore, 2) it’s spring activation can blow up in your face and that could cut your eye and make you go blind. Wear safety goggles when doing this!!! The needle poke was super simple but better safe than sorry. Best of luck!

Do you mean they are slow? sometimes you have to push it in yourself.

I had the same issue one of my other cars, A 94 Audi Cabrio and all i did was, pull the seat belt out all the way, get a bucket of warm soapy water, put it on the car seat and place the seatbelt in the bucket, let it sit for half hour, then gave it a good scrub, dried it as much as i could, and that fixed the issue for me.
i think over time grease and dirt stiffens the belt, which makes it harder to roll around the spool. Washing it, softens it back up.

Ill try some of your suggestions. Its not slow, like it is not retracting, just flopping around as if the spring is not engaged. If i take the time and keep yanking on it, it might eventually retract, but it is so inconsistent. Sometimes it takes many yanks, and sometimes just 1.