Screws for under arch and front/rear fenders/bumpers

It is always sad to see these cars when they have been neglected. I am seeing so many now where bolts have rusted or snapped but rather than buying the right bolt, people are just drilling new holes and using wood screws or what ever they can find. I realise that some of these parts are now getting hard to find and cost a fortune but I am doing my best to track down the right parts at a reasonable price.
Here is the latest screw that I have found. These fit the front splash guard and the metal bracket that goes between the fenders and body… They are exact duplicate parts. These are £1 each plus shipping which might seem pricy for a screw but I had to do the leg work to find them and I still have to pack them.
Send me a private message if you are interested. Discounts are available for multiple orders of parts and also for patrons.