Rubber sun roof moulding

The rubber moulding that the sun roof glass sits in needs replacing as it has broken ages ago and has now shrunk in the times we have our hot weather (once a year in July usually midweek). 1993 facelift GTO japan market only for 6 months. the wind up roof . My moulding has reinforced corners.

Anyone got a complete one or found a supplier? No rush as using two chunks of peugeot screen rubber I have trimmed down , but it looks poor.

This is moulding profile and only need about 12 inches to patch if you have or know of breaker.

Have you tried contacting a glass company? My sunroof seal is leaking (not oem sunroof) but they offered to seal it for me. I have no idea how thats done. Maybe a glass company could help you.

Thanks Ian I’ve tried the windscreen guys and they can suppy various bits that seal from windscreen /door surrounds etc all of which fit the glass width but nothing that fills the channel and tight to roof.