Reverse gear mechanism

Hey all,

I’m trying to rebuild my mk 1 5-speed gearbox and I seem to be missing the reverse gear anti engage mechanism.

The part is discontinued by Mitsubishi so I’m working if anyone has an old gearbox lying around with this part?

Part number 23226 in the diagram below.

Hi Shane, and welcome along. Have you tried Rob at evil empire performance?

Hi Spursman, yes I did message him. He told me there were an obsolete part from Mitsubishi and he doesn’t have any.

I have also tried 3sx and Euro 3s Performance and same result.

I was hoping someone might have a stripped gearbox lying around with the part I need.

I’m not sure how else I will come across one.

You could try Rvenge Performance. He rebuilds the transmissions so he may have a stash of parts from old transmissions that he may be willing to part with.

Thank you very much for the suggestion, I will try that now.