Rear window demister not working

Hello all my name is Lee and I have a 1998 GTO SR.

I haven’t used the car too much over the last few months but a few weeks ago the rear demister didn’t work - (the little orange light didn’t come when i press the button also). The next time i drove the car it worked, and the next few times it just hasn’t worked at all.

I have replaced the switch unit (with the ECS - which works fine) and has made no difference. I have also checked the fuse (I have the GTO manual and its hard to tell which fuse it is). I have also checked the back window connections and they are connected and look ok.

Any advice on how to fix this please?



Ok, so have changed the fuse and the relay but still nothing. Everything looks fine - just don’t know where to begin to look for the problem. I may start by taking off boot interior panels and following the wires back to the switch? thanks

I have also created a GTO fuse box diagram for all 3 fuse box’s - when its finished I will post on here. It just shows everything clearly and in colour - which fuse is what and what amp it is, location etc.