Rear Tailgate lower Glass Trim Removal

Hey folks…
Joe had a video on the channel where he shows how that trim can be removed, but he warns people not to do it, but I wanted to ask if any of you have tried doing it the way Joe does it, and if yes, were you having as much luck with is as Joe had???

I am asking because I am right now prepping my tailgate for painting, but there are 1-2 rust spots right where the trim meets the paint (it probably is rubbing a bit and that has created the rust) but I am very hesitant to remove it, as it looks like those clips under there are a pita to deal with…

If any of you have had luck taking it off, please do tell me as it might give the belief that it can be done :slight_smile:

I tried contacting the Mitsubishi dealer here on the islands, and they said that I could get those clips for the “bargain” price of £16 each, and there is no way I am paying that for those clips, and I cannot seem to find it anywhere else in the internet :confused:

Hey Johan

Did replacement of the trim just recently.

Followed Joe’s tips. Well it requires a bit of fiddling for sure but the score was that out of 6 (think it’s six of them) clips one broke off completely, 3 got one of the ‘arms’ damaged (but they are still useable if just one-two of such whilst the others are good) and 2 uncliped intact. Lucklily the replacement part was sent with a few salvaged undamaged clips. So ended up with reinstalling 4 good ones with 2 with broken arm and all looks good.

Ps be prepared to find rust under that stripe…

I recently did mine, its quite easy to take off, i used a very wide flat head screwdriver, and those clips i bought from the dealer here in London, they cost me £2.30 each (I think)