Rear Steering Pump

Hi Guys, I need a little help here. Rookie mistake I know, But I didn’t see it until it hit the ground beside my foot. This small sliver of metal fell out of the rear pump when I was cleaning it, And for the life of me, I can’t find where it goes, Has anyone had one of these dismantled before, ?

Sliver - Rear Pump

Scrap that, I was blessed, i found another 9 of them which fell into a rubber glove.

Now it makes sense !!

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Ehhh need some help after all guys, It appears that when I bolt the cap back on, It’s jamming the shaft from turning. It spins freely until I tighten down the 4 bolts. I’m thinking that perhaps there should be a ball bearing in here which enables the shaft to spin and it dropped out. ?

Or perhaps the gaskets are that old that they are not doing the job. Does anyone have an old pump when they deleted their rear steering which they could open and take a look for me ?

Rear Pump

Rear Pump.2

I rebuilt mine some years ago. I can’t remember the detail for sure, but I don’t remember a ball bearing. I checked the photos I took of my rebuild, including one where I laid out all the parts, and there is no ball bearing. That area is full of power steering fluid, and I think it gets its lubrication from that.

I seem to remember having the problem of the spindle not turning when I tightened down the bolts, but, unhelpfully, I can’t remember how I fixed that. (Obviously, check the orientation of the parts, including whether the bit in the middle is the right way round. From the photos, yours looked ok). It may simply be that the bolts don’t need drastic tightening down (the rocker covers, for example, need little).