Rear shock lower bushes

Trying to get hold of a pair of rear shock lower bushes for my 1994 GTO tt. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

I always thought that the lower shock Bush is part of the shock itself. Am I about to be educated again?

Well it’s not damaged yet but tried taking them off and its stuck on and if i pull to hard i think the rubber will pop off. Any way of saving them?

Here’s some good read on this subj

I was asking myself the exact same question the other day and given the age of the shocks and overall state, even if by miracle they come off undamaged, I’ve decided to get a pair of brand new ones…

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I work on military land rover defenders and that’s a common issue I get. Lower shock bushes get change on a regular basis, thought our cars would have been the same.

I recently bought some rear shocks for my GTO but gave the wrong measurement for the hole for the bush. The boys removed the whole eye and welded on Skyline bushes. Might have been from an R33 Fit perfectly

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Thank you I’ll have a look into that :grinning:

Hi Joe,
Craig S form the US own a 93 3000GT VR4. I was wondering how I could obtain the the lower bushings and what is the cost of them and the cost to have them shipped to the the US? Thank you.
Craig Stephens

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