Rear exhaust manifold TT

Hi all
just thought I’d add a bit of info if anyone is considering removing their rear exhaust manifold on a TT. It’s a pain of a job without a doubt but I have done it and am now re-assembling it. The first pita is the heat shields very awkward to get to all the bolts and my tip is to give them a damn good overnight soak in plus gas or similar. I read on a U.S site that you may have to remove the rear engine mount to gain access to one manifold bolt and yes it is so bloody awkward I can see why someone would do that but I didn’t you will need a thin wall spanner or very trick socket set up to do that one. And of course, you got to drop your downpipe but you can remove the pre-cat from the top once unbolted from the turbo and down pipe. Unbolt the oil return pipe from the sump and draw the turbo up with it attached it’s easier.
There is a few tips there just to help. There is more obvious stuff to come off but I have not gone into that.