REAR ECS Shocks for 1994 TT

Does anybody have a good set of rear ECS shocks they would be willing to sell. Unfortunately mine are on the way out. One has started knocking. I really don’t want to go the coilover route if I can avoid it and would like to keep the car standard. If anybody has a pair, please let me know. Much appreciated

Alternatively if anybody knows somebody who can recondition these, it would be appreciated as well.

Hi, can’t help you with the shocks as I have the same problem. However I am currently talking with Superflex to get some new bottom bushes made up. They have been given all the dimensions and photos and they will come back to me. When I get their answer I will let you know.


Thats very kind of you. Thank you. I will have to sort within a few days though as the car is becoming underivable so fear I will have no choice but to go the Tein route sadly. I had really wanted to keep the car stock on ECS, but it just doesn’t seem viable at all. Your help is much appreciated though, thanks

I’d be interested and I know of a few others that would be to.

Check out “ROCKAUTO” and “3sx” 3sx have new ECS units and rockauto have none ECS unit

Just responed with details of bushes in the General discussion thread Rear ECS Shocks Bump Stops

I gave up on the ECS route and fitted brand new Tein Flex Z’s. I have to say I am delighted with the transformation in the car and don’t know why I was so hesitant.