Rear Drive shaft Inner CV Boot Replacement

Hi Joe

If you are able to add this procedure to your ever increasing list of requests I would be most grateful.

I am assuming that all 4WD GTO’s are the same but for reference my particular vehicle is a JDM 1997 NA Manual.

Many thanks for all the Video’s and the Parts Acquisitions

Best Regards


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Hi marc
That is a good one to add to the list. I am waiting for some rear wheel bearings to do a bearing video and I will do yours at the same time.

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Thank you Joe, I have looked on line previously but there never seems to be any information on the actual removal of the driveshaft from the rear differential, the assumption always seems to be that the viewer is already at a competent level.

This is why your video’s are so helpful they assume we don’t know anything which in my case is unfortunately accurate.

Thanks again I will look forward to the Video when you can fit it in

This video please! The rear half shafts for the VR4 are impossible to find.

I will move this up the list as soon as the mild weather returns. New boots have been ordered for this video.