Rear bumper genuine decal

Is possible to buy the grey 3000GT / 3000GT VR4 rear bumper decal (with relief)? Is discontinued everywhere.

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All of these parts are becoming very rare but don’t give up hope. I am investing huge amounts of money in finding original manufacturer or after market manufacturers for all of the discontinued parts. Some parts are in production right now and you will see them in the Joes Gems section as they become available. Other parts have been delayed due to the virus but we will have them in the future.


I have a friend here in town and he has his own graphic/sign factory… I could ask him if I could have a referance to show him how it looks like and the dimensions of it


I have an embossed sticker but the bad thing is that it is not exactly the same as the original, it changes the font slightly, as well as the appearance a bit. It is the one that my car has now, since the original someone removed it (and the car is not repainted, it has the original painting)

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There are some information about the font type here:

There are some other reproductions of the sticker in Internet but not embossed. Is possible to make it like the original one?

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Great news Joe.
We also have these in production.
A few of the last OE ones are on the way over and probably held up as yours are.
We have at various stages all of our cars decals.
A huge amount of effort and time has been put into trying to bring all owners a near perfect copy of the oe Mitsubishi decals.
Our first ever GTO rear garnish decal was delivered today, and feedback was good.
We have a little extra to add as well which we hope owners will be happy with.
With the amount of new and revamped parts being made by various people we might be able to keep these beautiful motors looking as they should.
Nearly everything we are producing is being made as close to oe as we can.
anything can be done though so just ask.
A full stock car these days is becoming a rare sight, fully restored stock is now near on impossible.