Radio issue? Advise needed

So after finally sourcing a OEM radio, having it repaired for my 91, my interior is near complete. Sounds perfect and Antenna operates perfectly. However I can only pick up one good station 88.8 it seems to loop back round after 90? Is this because its a very old radio or reception issue? All cables and aerial in the radio plugged in perfect and AM picks up some stations.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.


My original radio only goes from 76 up to 90 so working like intended :slight_smile:

As I sidenote after owning my car for many years I started getting annoyed at my antenna going up every time I turned on the radio, and I was wondering how on earth to deal with it… Was going through many options and considering what was best until I stumbled onto the solution (you guys probably knew this, so dont laugh at me :grin: :grin: :grin: :man_facepalming: ) But when I put an aux cable into the stereo and into my phone and activated the radio with the CD button, then it turns on and TAAADAAAA!!! the antenna does not go up… Cannot believe that it took so many years to figure that out :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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I didn’t realise that the FM band was that far back and narrow in the 90’s, I thought it was 87.5-108 for decades although the more I type , the more this sounds familiar from jap imports way back.
Theres not going to be many stations between 87.5 and 90 on the Fm band and this may be your issue and as far as AM goes, I don’t think theres many broadcasting on it anymore.
We used to replace the tuning coils in TVs over here years ago to get around such issues I’m sure it can be done for radios also.

I find it charming that it only has that range, and if I want to listen to radio, I just put it through my phone via the aux/cd plugin, and as I wrote prior the unit turns on and the antenna does not even go up, so it is a win/win/win :partying_face:

Having an auxiliary input in the 90s had to be rare but brilliant for you now because you can turn a 30 year old radio into a digital multimedia centre.

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As said above, Japanese FM radio operates in the 76MHz to 90MHz frequency band. You can pick up radio band expanders/converters for about £15 on the likes of eBay, Amazon etc. Hope this helps.

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I’ve got a gadget that expands the radio band just plugs into the arial socket at the back of the radio. Not brilliant but picks up a few more stations.

The frequency band that you are referring was only for the Japanese market. That range you find on the stereos in the import cars with the original Japanese stereo. As Gazzz mentioned you can get a little range extender that gets attached to the antenna and into the stereo that lets you pickup a few UK stations. My car being an import still had the original stereo and had the same range. In the end, as great looking as it was, I took it out and bought a very OEM looking blaupunkt stereo with Bluetooth.