Radiator cooling fans

Hello folks…

I am curious on how often your cooling fans activate when you are stationary with your car and the engine is running and it has hit normal operating temperature…

Mine turn on every 10´ish seconds and run for a little while and then turn off again, and I was wondering if that is the normal procedure for them???

The engine temperature never fluctates one tiny bit, so it is not that the car is overheating… I am just curious if your activate as often??

Hi, air con fan runs constantly but big fan only comes on every ten minutes or so. This is at operating temperature on idle.

Hmmm, I better check in there which of the fans is running… I just noticed it this evening that it sounded louder then normal every 10-15 seconds just for a few seconds… But it is only after the car has hit operating temperature

my fan comes on as soon as i turn the key even when been stood overnight??

I was just outside and checked… The small fan only activates when I turn on the AC, otherwise it sits idle, and the large fan activates when the car has hit operating temperature, but it still activates every 10-15 seconds when the car is stationary, and runs for a few seconds and goes back to idle… I wonder if it is suppose to be like that.

Mine does exactly the same, even with aircon off.

Sounds about right. When the car is being driven it probably wont run so often.

My car does the same.

Ok, then I will not worry about that … Just thought it activated very often for short bursts when stationary, but if others are doing the same, then it most likely is all allright unless everybody else´ is also broken :laughing: :laughing:

The description of the main fan cutting in and out every 10-15 seconds is how it’s supposed to run.
The air cond fan is constantly running, if the air cond is on.
It only runs otherwise if the main fan can’t keep the temp controlled.

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They come on at specific temperate.

At normal idle it won’t come on until 92-95c. Then the fan will spin up, cool the car and the fan will go off again, until it heats up again etc.

With AC turned on the AC fan should constantly be ON unless you go over 40mph I believe in which case it will go off itself.