Propshaft bearings

Hi all, I have a 1998 GTO SR.

Got my MOT next week and I had a new P/S pipe fitted last week at garage. they said the prop shaft bearings would need to pass the MOT as they had worn and making a noise. The thing is had them replaced in May 2019 - i can’t remember if they were original Mitsubishi parts though.

unless they were cheap parts i bought, would anything else make them wear out quicker than they should?

I have ordered genuine ones from Rob now to replace them… just don’t want to have to do it again in another 3 years time.


Did you make sure the “spacers” were replaced as original so the Prop ran “true”?

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Did you check the bearings yourself, could be something else making noise.

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The guy said there was alot of play in the propshaft when he had it up on the ramps. I asked them tp check under the car before bringing it in for MOT.

As for the spacers, i didnt change them, will look into that though thanks