Power Steering Hard Lines

Great series Joe! Any chance you could do a video on replacing the power steering hard lines? Many thanks!

Hi Stephen
You are not the first to request this. Which of the hard lines are you talking about? Front, back, full body lengths or ones that run around and to the racks? Doing some of them would not be practical for the man at home because safe working could only be done on a ramp. Could you give me a little more detail and maybe some pictures of the lines and I will see what can be done.

Specifically in this case the front hard lines. From what I can tell in the manual there are 2 long lines - which I have new ones for the replacements and 2 short lines which I have not been able to source yet. These all come out of the manifold. One of my long lines cracked and the power steering fluid literally poured out. I do not have access to the car for a couple of weeks or I would have included a photo or two. Thanks much!

Hi I have attached a exploded view of the Power Steering lines, I don’t know where your lines are damaged but mine had rotted through approximately where the number 48862 is on the drawing.

on my car this part of the power steering lines plastic coating had been damaged and the Aluminium tube underneath had corroded and was leaking Power steering fluid, as this part of the system is actually the return which doubles as a cooler as it runs across the front of the radiator in the opening below the number plate.

As it is only the return it is not under pressure, so my solution was to remove that damaged coated aluminium pipe, remove the plastic coating where the pipe was leaking clean back to bear metal, cut out the damaged section then Flared the aluminium pipe on all of the cut ends (the damaged part was no more than 15mm long on either leak) and joined the open ends with a suitable rubber hose and spring hose clamps.

It is Essential that you purchase a hose that is suitable for Power steering fluid as I made the mistake of using a rubber hose I had in the garage and after a couple of days the hose was letting the PS Fluid through the actual wall of the hose and was wet to the touch, however when replaced with a suitable hose from my local Motor Factor the repair has been fine ever since.

This method of repair is only practical on the return side of the Power Steering System on the pressurised side it would simply blow the hoses of the Pipework.
I hope this is of some help

Best regards