Power antenna motor

Does anyone know if its possible to make it so the antenna motor does not turn on when I turn the car on? It makes a super loud grinding sound for a few seconds and then stops. I want to be able to still use my radio I just dont want the motor to run.

Will you still pick up radio channels if you disable the motor on the antenna ? On another car the radio I had used a wire to signal the motor when radio unit was turned on. I rarely use the radio but more to mp3’s so I put a toggle switch inline with the signal wire. This meant I could turn on the radio and listen to mp3’s and then flick a switch if I wanted the antenna up for the radio channels.

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Right now the antenna doesnt go up but i can still listen to the radio however it gets very staticy sometimes. I just dont know if i can turn the actual motor off the raises it because its super annoying

If you are willing to spend some money you can get a stubby fixed antenna. 3sx makes one/has one and there may be others that fit if you look around. I pulled mine because it had the same problem.

Plan B: You can open up the antenna motor and remove the plastic gear that drives the antenna, but that may be a one-way solution.

Maybe ill get the 3sx one then. Ill check it out.

Like I said ,put a switch in line with the cable that sends a signal to the motor. Use the switch to stop the signal that activates the motor. Sounds like the motor is seized and the teeth are slipping on the gear,thats where the noise is coming from. You could also try fixing the motor but generally you will need to replace the nylon part that goes up inside the antenna and clean the antenna itself as it might be full of crud. On most after market radios I think it’s the blue cable but test it first for sure. You could remove the radio and disconnect the wire from there or disconnect it nearer to the antenna motor. Plenty of options

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My antenna doesn’t go up unless the radio unit is on. My old factory unit would let me use the CD player, the Misc port, or the tape player without putting up the antenna, it only put the antenna up if I switched to either AM or FM radio. My new Kenwood unit puts the antenna up when it is turned on, but because I always leave it on to play my music that is on a micro-SD card, when I turn the car on the antenna goes up. I probably should do what others have suggested and put a switch in line with the wire coming from the radio unit so that I can put up the antenna if I ever want to listen to the radio.

The factory wire that goes from the radio unit and the antenna motor is the Pink wire.