Possible wheel bearing gone out

Hello all my name is: Walter
I have a: 1991 3000GT vr4
It has the following issue: Tonight I believe a wheel bearing gave out on me. I was driving approximation 65 to 70 mph and started to hear a choppy sound at the right rear of the car that seemed to slow down its pace as I slowed the car down and pick up pace as I accelerated. I pulled over to check the wheel for play and found none, also checked the break pad, it appeared to have plenty of pad left. There was a little smoking happening that smelled of burning grease. I’m pulling the hub apart tomorrow to check the bearings but wondered what else I should check as possible culprits. Tires are ruled out as they’re bran new.

If you lift the back wheels off the ground and take the parking brake off, then rotate the wheels, you will hear the bearing grinding if it has gone. They don’t usually just go unless a ball bearing has shattered and this will be quite obvious by the noise. Also check your CV joints for play, especially if a CV boot has split because the grease will fly out and a dry joint will perish very quickly.


Thanks Joe, I’m glad you mentioned that, it’ll save time to determine where the issue is.

Another thing I noticed when it happened was the felt like I was pulling something and the rpm was consistently around 2500 in 3,4,5 gears all at the same speed.

It was the outer bearing after all. Unfortunately my bearing puller couldn’t reach the bearing to pull it off so I have to figure out a different method of removing it. Your video was a huge help in pulling the hub out Joe, thanks.