Polyurethane bushes for GTO

Hi guys, I need to overhaul my suspension all around. I’m looking into replacing with polyurethane bushes as i’m lead to believe they create a smoother drive. They tend to be more expensive and even more so if you search GTO / 3000gt.
I’m wondering is there a model of car out there with the exact same size and dimension bushings which would fit my car. Have any of you any experience with polyurethane bushes as replacements or know of a good site to purchase ?
Any advice or thoughts as usual gratefully appreciated.

Is this any good Peter ? gto, 3000gt - T.E.P. DEUTER S.C

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Thanks Spiros, much appreciated :+1:

That’s what I’ve got on mine, a member on GTOUK did a group buy last year from this site he know them.

Are those bushes annoyingly stiff compared to the original ones??

Stiffer but not annoyingly I will say !

Have a set on my car, yes they are very stiff, bought on eBay off a polish chap. Too long ago so can’t find the details now sorry.

Also can be a pain to get in the arse to get in, wouldn’t bother myself.

Hi thanks for feedback Smilegto. I really wasn’t looking to stiffen up the feel of the ride. Don’t want to feel every bump in the road, and believe me we have some really bad roads here. So I’m at a dilemma now, polyurethane or rubber.
Really not sure.

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I have the same dilemma… My bushes need changing all around, but I have no plan on ruining the ride by making it stiffer… It is stiff enough as it is :grin:

Spiros , Pken wants to do something I wish to do as well. I would have to have it done since I have no way to do myself. How much would you think this would run in a mechanic shop?

Its all down to the condition of the car, corrosion etc. Roughly 6/8 hours I will say.