Oil pan / sump dish repair

Hi Joe,

I’d like to see what technique you would use to restore an oil pan to it’s original shape if the bowl at the bottom has been dented upwards due to incorrectly using the area as a jacking point / inadvertent road damage.

I understand it’s a common issue on these cars and as with my own I’m conscious that the oil pickup sieve sits just above the lowest point on the pan and oil flow can be severely restricted if ignored.



@GTOIRL ,Hi Ross , I’ve been doing a little research on this area lately and recently discovered my own oil pan is dented which as you say will restrict the oil flow , especially under boost. What I’ve discovered is that a commen mistake is to repair the oil pan and ignore the pick up which is more than likely also damaged. The metal bar and the sieve can meet and reduce the surface area of the pickup.

This is a photo of my pickup from when the engine was rebuilt (before I bought the car), but I can’t tell if there’s an issue here. Any input would be great.


Yeah, it’s not good if it’s dented, happens to ALOT of GTO’s and f’s them up a lot too apparently. See how close the pickup sits to the bottom of the pan, any dent is bad news. I guess you would only need to replace the pickup if it was damaged or blocked (with crud?) in some way. I rang this chap rob evil empire but he doesn’t have them in stock, said he would have them next week but tbh I prefer to pay for something like that when they are physically there and not just a promise…

The factory ones are out of production

Shouldn’t need to replace pickup but apparently what happens is the sieve (mesh) gets pushed back to the support bar in the centre and needs to be pulled back out with a small pick tool. It doesn’t seem a lot but its still 10% or so of the overall surface area, and that’s a significant loss when on the redline.

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True for you, I never considered it that way. The metal support pushed up against the sieve would reduce the surface area

I agree a video would be a great help ! Someone who had the car before me also dented the oil pan on a 92 Stealth tt, and I checked with a local place I usually have work done, and he was trying to quote me 10 hours to fix it!! REALLY! I know there is a lot of items that have to removed to get the pan off, but 10 hours worth ?
A video would help me do it myself also :wink:

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Sorry for the slow response to this topic. I hadn’t planned on covering painting or panel beating because I considered these subjects to be specialist and I can’t show how to do in a quick video. There is a great technique that I use on the sump for sorting out the dented bottom and I will show it to you when I get on to engine rebuild.

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