O2 sensor change

Hello, I got a check engine light and it’s says rear O2 sensor and I wanted to see if there’s a video on how to change it. It would be greatly appreciated if it’s both the front and rear

O2 sensor is probably one of the easiest jobs you can do on one of these cars.

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I agree. I doubt if you need a video for this job. It is simply unscrew at one end and unplug at the other. Messages me back if you have a problem doing it and I will look at a video. Just make sure that you have a tool that gives you good grip on the sensor as they can sometimes be really tight after years of heating, cooling and damp.

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I appreciate the replies. In that case is it possible to remove the door cap on the 3000gt? Mine is kinda messed up and wanted to install a new one

Yes. Another simple task.

Open the door. There should be a capture nut at the edge of the door on top near the back of the door. Remove that, double check the other corners to verify there isn’t one there. Once all verified a firm pull will pop it off. There are clips that pop into holes at the top and bottom edges.