Nuts and bolts for everywhere

I am looking to replace every nut and bolt on my rebuild bumper to bumper what is the best grade/strength to get them does anyone have a good idea on the sizing of areas before I go and measure every bolt I’ve bagged up which will take me probably about 50 weeks haha

Hi Derry
Please don’t rush to waste your money. I have a video coming out in a couple of weeks that will tell you how to get a set of new looking, original bolts for just a couple of bucks.
Changing your bolts to aftermarket will significantly de-value your car.
If you still want to go aftermarket, I will be happy to buy all the original ones off you.

No problem i will keep an eye on it most of the bolts are in good shape I will definitely need to source bumper bolts as I have snapped almost everyone they were very stubborn to remove and that’s with wd40

I was just going to make a post in regards to nuts and bolts. As my engine bay is starting to look half decent, the rusty bolts are letting it down. i am lucky enough to have a sand blast cabinet, but after blasting them, they rust again, and i havent managed to come up with a decent way to seal them. painting them would be an option, but they will just look naf, and paint will flake off when you put tools to them. I know you can carbonise them with oil, but im not sure how good that process is. Looking forward to your video Joe!

Does this include screws and clips and what not? For an example the black vent you see when you open the door. Its held on by 2 screws but I am missing one. As well as missing a few door panel ones.

The video will show how to restore parts to original factory finish. I can’t do much about ones that you have lost.

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