New member intro

Hello from beautiful Lake Tahoe USA. Owner of 91 VR4. Black beauty
just recently done a full restoration build @ 80k. Lots of goodies. Shall post pics soon and tell my fascinating story of how I landed up with such a project ( my first ever build ) that has taken almost a year or two to complete all by myself!!


Hi Sam
Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to the updates and some pictures.

Thanks Joe happy to be here and how is your health?

Hello from Auburn CA :wave:

Hello from redwood city

Hello from Ireland, like Joe says get some pics up.

Hello Joe how do I go about uploading a few pics of my engine?

Open up the message page by either clicking on reply or start post. At the top of the page that opens, yo will see a row of icons. One has a arrow pointing upward and will say upload if you hover over it with your mouse. Click on the icon and you will have options on where to upload from.
I appreciate that this software is not the easiest to navigate but it is cheap so we have to make use of if. There are people on the forum who know how to use it much better than me so it is always worth asking these sort of questions in the general category and someone will be able to help you better.
Good luck