Need a little advice

I have a 1992 Dodge Stealth that I was removing the gas tank to have it professionally cleaned, and in removing the last nut holding it in, I accidently snapped the stud holding the nut :-9
I dont know how to remove the stud to replace it, if I even can., What I can tell the stud has a round underside like a Weld on hanger stud, but can see it to verify it.
Am I going to have to drill this stud out, or can I try and hammer it out using a punch/. So I can replace it

This is what it feels like underneath, without the ridge on top

Thank you

They are a special spot weld bolt. If you look closely at the attached picture, you can see the multiple points where it welds.
You risk damage to the chassis if you try to bash it through. Unless you have some very good grinding and spot welding kit, I would just drill the main thread out and put a bolt in from behind. Leave the thin flat head of the old bolt in place.

Yeah about a year ago I had a spun rotor lug nut bolt that I had to drill out, that was a challenge and no fun at all;-=9. Hopefully this will be somewhat easier.
I got the tank fully pulled and if you see this pic, you can probably understand why it was necessary

The bottom has been exposed to 100 percent Apple cider vinegar for 24 hours, and its breaking thru it, but quite a few more day to go in trying to get the rest of the tank down to a mild roar. I then plan to use a piece of metal hung in the top of the tank, with the bottom insulated, and apply a charge to it to hopefully get what was missed using the electrolysis method.
I am torn between using either the Redkote, or the POR 15 method to finish up the tank and eventually seal it for good.
Do you have any recommendations of what the next step should be in using these products >?

Is that inside the tank? And all of the inside like that? At that point honestly Iā€™d probably look for a second hand replacement

This was just from 2 days of vinegar just covering the bottom of the tank. I decided though to take the tank to a professional radiator shop and have them clean and seal it properly. More money spent, but probably the best option at this point

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