My first 3000GT

Hello all my name is:Nick
I have a: 1999 3000GT ls
I recently purchased this car for $200.00 and has sat for 10 years its still all factory and in very nice condition except i was given the transmission separate from the car and had been completely tore down and is now missing internal parts and i was wondering what brands go better with Mitsubishi as well as how i could upgrade the tranny on a budget as well as a couple engine upgrades on a budget and i do thank anyone with advice i am a mechanic so the work would be by me


Transmission parts for these cars are not always easy to get hold of. If I was you I would try to find a good second hand gearbox and connect it all up. Then you can start her up and do the required maintenance (cambelt, general fluids etc…) once this is done you can then think about upgrades etc…


The motor is fine its just the tranny it runs great juat cant go anywhere lol

Is the transmission the same for the single overhead cam SOHC and dual overhead cam DOHC?
Something you will have to figure out.
But I agree with 3KGT, it would be cheaper to find a used transmission. Parts are hard to come by now.
Good Luck.