More Questions and progress 96 vr4

I haven’t been on this for a while as I have been flat out with my rebuild I thought I would share my progress with you guys see what yous think of my first ever time under body painting firstly I fought the rust with my grinder and wire brushes and rust removal gel then I used rust encapsulator on areas affected only

followed by tetrosyl followed by stone chip to tone down the gloss effect all seems pretty solid it will be much easier to do yearly checks on the underbody condition and maintainance

Next up will be sending the front and back subframe to the shop for a sand blast and respray

Once back to me I will be fitting brand new ball joint parts tie rods etc across the front and rear drive line also new springs for my coil overs

I am also going to be fitting new brake and fuel lines to the car using stainless braid ptfe I’ve also got discs pads etc basically all the serviceable parts will be replaced once I’ve got the body back together the engine will be taken out for a extreme service and getting some shine back on it

I have a few questions on a few parts

What size is the brake hoses coming of the calipers?

£300 for a abs pump bracket and a fuel filler neck overflow pipe seems a bit ridiculous for basic bits of metal does anyone have ways and means of getting that price down a little as I’ll either have to pay for it including vat or get fabricating

Can anyone also help me with a bracket that isnt rotted for the rear licence plate bulbs as I have had absolutely no luck finding a new one

Any help, opions advice will be appreciated many thanks


Hi, as far as I’m aware number plate bracket isn’t available so looks like you’re gonna have to make one.

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Like your work btw. Another one being saved.


I was thinking that i might have to make up a abs bracket also as I really grudge paying 200 for a bit of metal fair enough spending that on a part vital to the car the bracket seems a bit over priced in my opinion I could use that for something else for example paint corrections on the body. But thankyou for the feedback I’m going as close to show standard as my funds and equipment will allow I have 3 other cars getting work done also so it’s a case of juggling things around until I get there

A few other angles


Great work so far. If you want to do things right, you have to take your time.
My new series of re-assembly videos starts soon and will cover many of the restoration techniques needed for a perfect job. The parts that you have asked for will be available in time but I already have more urgent parts in production.


Thankyou I am planning to have it done in about 12 months I’ll buy stuff every month and fit it over the weekend I’ve found if I find myself frustrated ill go and take a few hours break at home until I’m geared up this seems to help the worst part of it is that everythings seized up so it can be a night mare to get bolts cracked but I’m over the worst hopefully I’m more onto the refurbishment of the bits and pieces

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Great job Derry, keep us informed on your progress,


I will do thankyou very much

Great job you done :+1: i did mine last year. Just got to rebuild the engine. And rebuild the brake calipers and fit new wheel bearings

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Thank you very much :+1:I’ll be onto the front and back subframe pretty shortly sand blast respray all ball joints replaced im going to rebuild them on the ground and fit it to the car so it’s just a case of torquing bolts. Although the front end cv shafts will have to stay out as the engine will be removed for a sweeting up/detail also got timing belt etc to get done just for peice of mind and the condition of the clutch is to be looked at also other things like resealing components with new gaskets and a flush and change on all the oils and fluids I’ve also got new brake lines and fuel lines to fit sometime before the subframes get re mounted so I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me ill just have to take my time and focus on everything

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