Mk1 exhaust downpipe /decat

hi guys been looking about for a replacement downpipe for my mk1 . anyone know where i can get one and possibly a decat aswell?

cheers scott

Which country are you in Scott?
I think I have a de-cat if you are in the UK.
Do you have turbo or n/a?

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I’m in Scotland UK Joe. My downpipe looks OK just now but while the car is stripped I thought it would be easier to remove just now if I don’t need to burn the bolts off lol .it’s a mk1 twin turbo I have

Parts are getting very rare mate so I wouldn’t change it unless it is in a bad way. The downpipes rarely have problems compared to the rest of the exhaust. As I said, I believe that I have a de-cat. I would be willing to do a straight swap for a cat or I can sell it to you if you want to keep your cat.

Cheers Joe I’d buy the decat off you.yea downpipes are usually quite good but go at the flexis.had a few over the years and fixed a few with a flexible section. Pm me what you want fir it when you find it mate :+1: thanks