Mk 2 Garnish centre part removal

Hey guys.

I have a Gen1 with the original garnish which is badly damaged, i want to replace with a Gen 2, but I was wondering can the middle painted bit be removed for better painting or is it a masking the lighting area job?

The centre garnish which includes the reverse lights can be easily removed by undoing 4x 10mm bolts from inside the boot.

Sorry, i am not asking how to remove the garnish I am asking can the garnish itself be seperated

I see - not without a great amount of effort and work - much easier to mask and paint

If your car is red I have a MK1 rear garnish already painted as you described. Would be happy to sell as I’ve gone back to OEM

I can send you a photo if you like?

Sorry i don’t think i am explaining very well.

i have a Gen1, but because its damaged I want to change it out to a Gen 2, i can get one locally for free however its the wrong colour and i wanted to have a go at “engraving” into the back of it, but I didnt know if the “middle” bit of the garnish thats painted can be removed