Message for patrons

A new video has just been uploaded. As usual, this is available to patrons first and you need to check your messages for the link.
The video was requested by Jamie in Australia and covers removal of the plastic trim at the top of the windshield.
This is normally an easy job but the strip had been stuck in with PU sealant and also a very cold day so the job was much harder than normal.
If you still have your original screen, the job will be much easier.
The video will be live to forum members next week.

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Hey Joe … I just watched your video and was thinking that when the seal gets destroyed as that one did, how on earth do you get hold of another one?? I simply was to scared to remove mine when I resprayed my car because I tried contacting Mitsubishi here on the islands and email´ing around if I could get hold of a new trim, and potentially windshield also incase mine cracked, but I did not find a single soul who could deliver that trim or even a windshield…

You got any tips on where those actually can be sourced???

Keep an eye on the forum. I will put some on there for my friends later this year.

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